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Hi Manu, we are good , have had a very busy 2 days, golden temple was amazing and our guide Parminder was very good, told us everything and the flag retreat at the border was very exciting, we had an amazing day. The overnight train was a new experience πŸ˜… , arrived at 4.30 this morning and then straight to Agra and picked our guide up. Mitesh was an excellent guide, very informative, the Taj Mahal was incredible and the Fort, so now we are back at our hotel relaxing , we are having dinner here as we are both quite weary and then on to the airport tomorrow. We would just like to say that it has been a truly incredible tour and Thankyou so much for organising it for us, everything has been amazing and we can't Thankyou enough πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ™
Veronica Curtis
I have traveled to Himachal and worked with Manu Adventures twice. Both times, I lead a group of 10 women. Right from the time of enquiry Manu Hinyuri and his team worked with me, in crafting a desired itinerary with meticulous detailing, ensuring all our requirements were met. Manu is an excellent person to work with, professional and helpful. The trekking experience at Triund and the hot yummy food that was served at camps, was the highlight of both our trips. The camps they set up are away from the crowd, against most stunning backdrop. Short treks, paragliding, and few other adventurous activities filled up our itinerary. Manu and his team, know their home ground at the back of their palms and will ensure you have the best time in Himachal. Guaranteed!
Priya (BucketList Travel Company)
Very professional team at Manu Adventures. I have just returned from a fantastic four day trek to Inderahar Pass. Guide and porter were excellent. Very knowledgable and helpful team and I would recommend using them to organise similar trips.
Jon Solomons
β€œTrekking" when we hear this word it makes us so excited and thrilled with height and beautiful scenic nature but for all of us it was way beyond that as our trekking was filled with heavy rain, heavy downpour, spine chilling weather, too much wind, heavy waterfalls but inspite of all of these our trekking experience was so wonderful and super electrifying with the help of Manu Adventures. Sanjay (our guide) was so so so knowledgeable in history and he was wonderful in explaining each spot with detailed story related to that spot. In heavy rain, Sanjay has provided us a wonderful guest house and delicious dinner and breakfast. To have yummy food at 2600m height what else you can expect. Sanjay was so courteous and he pushed all of us to achieve our dream of Trekking to Triund Hill with complete safety. I would like to thank to Manu Adventure for making our trek memorable and comfortable. Will look forward for more fun in future.
Nitin Sharma and Sapna Sharma #9958777456
Fabulous Trek We enjoyed our trip organised by Manu (Manu Adventures India). We highly recommend Manu Adventures India
Wout, Dhoya Snijders from Netherlands
Manu is simply honest and its difficult to find a person like him these days
Ricky Singh (Travel Trust +91-9872800138)
We had an amazing experience trekking to Triund. Thank you Sanjay for being very patience and supporting guide Thank you Manu Adventures for the osm experience
Sourav Khandelwal +91-9928989368
Once in a lifetime experience.. the unmatched service added stars to it...thank you Manu Hiyunri for everything and we are ready fr the next one
Shivani Thakur +91-8054147753
Being first time trekker I was so apprehensive so as what to expect what to pack or not pack.Will it be hot,cold ,water ,loo...The list of questions and doubts was endless.But besides all this our biggest fear was Will we be able to do it!!But despite the doubts the fear We did it just fine!!!Thanks to Manu adventures for making the experience or rather making it memory for a lifetime!!!Trek to truind uphill was no easy cake but with the company of 2 besties and manu with us it was nothing less than a Wonderful journey!No matter how many times we stopped he was so patient and always smiling !He picked up my bag too when i was almost ready to give up! The hot meals!! When the world up there was having maggie we were having chicken dal sabzi!!! Jealous then go ahead plan your next adventure trip with Manu adventures!!!
Rubeena Ali +91-9760045209
Triund Hike, Was very helpful & polite. Gave good information on the things asked. Overall a good guide keep it up Manu Adventures India (28 Aug 2018)
Raghav 09172629507


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