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Dear Mr Manu, Please find below the feedback on our trek to the Indrahar pass. 1. Food - The food during the trek was excellent. The cook and helpers made sure we were served hot, fresh food and the food for the fast was also cooked with warmth and tasted delicious. 2. Punctuality - the time for each days trek was perfect and we started on time. 3. Organisation - the tents were pitched before our arrival each day. 4. Campsites - the campsites at Triund and Laka Got were lovely. Great setting and clean. 5. Tents - the tents were cosy but not big enough to keep our big back packs. We left our back packs in the kitchen tent. 6. Medical - we were a bit surprised that no medical certificate or history was taken from us considering this was a fairly strenuous trek with all the rocks and boulders. We all feel this is a must and you must ask for medical certificates and ailments if any and advice accordingly. 7. Itinerary - We would also have appreciated a little more information about the trekking terrain. This is not an easy trek. It is definitely moderate. The first two days were as stated in the itinerary but day 3 to the pass was very rocky and steep. We feel we were not adequately mentally prepared for this kind of a trail. We suggest you elaborate a little more in the itinerary for the pass so that people know that it is a steady, strenuous, rocky and uphill climb for all 4 - 5 hours or more depending on the pace of the group. 8. Guidance - Mr Ranu was very sweet throughout and helpful but I wish he had told us that we should stop less for photos and prepared us that it would take us at least 6 hours to make it to the top. He saw the pace at which our group was walking and we wish he had let us know that we will not be able to reach the top at that pace if we kept stopping. We would have loved to reach the pass but it was 11:45am when we were still 1 and a half hours away from the top. We had to return as well and couldn\'t keep going. Had you told us that we should carry on the trail and camp after crossing the pass on the Chamba side then we might have gone ahead to the top without worrying about time to return back to Laka Got. The fact that we had to return downhill was what made it difficult for us to keep going past 12 o\'clock. Mr Ranu told us that after 12 he would like us to return but we wish he had said that to us the night before so we knew what he expected. A little chat about the next day and what the trail is like, some tips on walking, pace or how the group should move would have been highly appreciated by us. Overall, we had a very good experience and although we didn\'t reach the top of the pass, we enjoyed the journey there. It brought our group closer and we will cherish the memories forever. Many thanks Rashmi, Priya, Bindu and Sneh(rushmi.s@gmail.com)
Rashmi, Priya, Bindu and Sneh


Hello Manu ! How are you ? I hope everything is ok for you. \"I loved my treks with Manu Adventures. I did two treks, one to Triund and the other to Guna Devi (day hike), both were really good. T he ways in the mountain were beautiful ! The whole organization was very suited and careful, I even had the chance to sleep in a wonderful private guesthouse at the end of the mountain, one of my best memories in India ! Manu and his staff are lovely, people who can be trusted. Thank you for everything and long live Manu Adventures!
\\\"The trek to Minkiani pass was one of my life’s best experiences ever. Everything about the trek was planned by Manu and all that we (I & a friend, who had earlier gone to Triund with Manu) did was to have a conference call about basic stuff. Manu promised us an adventure and adventure was what we got. The team that he sent with us for the trek were extremely professional and courteous. We were always made to feel at-home and the detail-oriented planning is something that I certainly need to learn from them. What struck me the first time I met Manu was his passion for trekking and his knowledge of the hilly terrain. I would like to thank him for the wonderful experience he provided and certainly will be calling on him very soon for another trek" (June 2013) From Chennai, Tamil Nadu (n.anirudha@gmail.com)
Anirudha Nataraja
How Long trek:-05 Days Name Of trek:- Dharamsala Trek Number of Travelers:- Five - Trek was at the right level for our family. It was not too hard and not too easy - Guide and the staff on the trek were super nice and courteous. They were helpful and did all the necessary things - The food was absolutely the best we\\\\\\\'ve had on any trek. All the lunches were also very delicious and a different mix from sandwiches (puris, roti rolls etc)Donald Lodo from USA (June 2013)
Donald Lobo (lobo@yahoo.com)
Dear Manu, We had an excellent trek thanks to you and your employees. Everything was so well organized. The staff was so entertaining and caring that they used to help us in each and everything. Our trip to Inderhara pass was very exciting and full of thrill. The nights which we have spent on this adventure camp will be very difficult to forget. Overall we enjoyed a lot with born fire at night and stories which the employees shared about their places. We felt that for 4 days it will be difficult bt it went well. The food made me felt that we were having food at home. Thanxx to Manu Adventures for a lovely and never forget able trip.
Kuvam, sahil and mayank
"I can't praise Manu Adventures enough! I booked my trek last minute from Delhi and Manu was able to accommodate me within a matter of hours as well as set me up with a group as I was a solo (foreign female) traveler. They also take credit card...which is great for foreigners! Also, during the trek, Vini and his staff were unbelievably amazing and treated me in the best way possible, especially as I was the only female in the entire camp. As a trekking guide, Vini was extremely patient and stayed behind most of the time when the other trekkers were speeding ahead. During the return of my trip, I hurt my toes and had to wear slippers...Vini took me on the easier path rather than the moderate/harder one so that I could make it down. Oh yes, can I say that Vini is a budding photographer? He helped me take some pictures along the way and they turned out amazing (check it out on the Manu Adventures Facebook page!) As for Manu, I am so glad to have chatted with him after my travels! He started with humble beginnings, but that's because he has a serious passion for his business, whether its one day trekking trips in Himachal Pradesh (his home state) or making month long travels. My USA friends are planning to come into the McLeod area next week, and I would highly recommend Manu Adventures in a heartbeat! I really hope I have the opportunity to come back here and see Manu Adventures grow even better! Thank you for a once in a life-time opportunity to trek in the Himalayan range! ~Bonita from USA (June 2013) "
Bonita Yip (bonita.yip@gmail.com)
Happy memories. We travelled himachal under the guidence and help of Mr Manuji from 30th Apr to 11th May 2013 I found him to be most carring person every day he will inquire about driver, car and Hotel services This was a memorable trip for us.
Dr C T Shah Ortho. Surgeon, Mumbai


Dear Manu, Thank you very much for your trek to the line of snow! All people were kind and careful for us! We are greatfull all of your team! We enjoyed beautiful views of Himalaya, good service and tasty food! We are sending some photos from our journey to you. Thanks and kind regards,
Nataliya and Boris
Dear Manu, After coming to Dharamshala without prior planning and accidentally visiting your adventure club, it was really an wonderful experience. Without your advises and help, H.P would have never seem to be so wonderful for us. It was never a business commitment with your team. Starting from Para gliding to Trekking you helped us to enjoy every bit. We were really impressed on how vinay(Guide) made an exhausting trek so very comfortable. We were really surprised on how your words”call me 24/7” turned out to be such a reality. Small things like arranging sports shoes (you literally gave your shoes in exchange for a ladies sandal) and “post paying” for the adventures and even booking bus seats, you gave us one the best moments. It was your faithful and helping nature made us love H.P.I will be definitely coming back to H.P. and the only place I will be visiting is your Sports Club coz I very well know that you will be taking care of everything. I highly recommend your team to everyone who will be visiting Dharamshala. It was really a pleasure meeting you. Thanks for everything. Bangalore,Karnataka.
Manojava M S,Robin Kaul,Chanchal Kaur,Pooja Gaonkar.
Dear Manu, I had an excellent trek to Triund. Thanks to your management and excellent team that you provided. Binny, the guide and Gulab, the cook were more like a long known friends. They maintained their pace with that of mine and encouraged me every step. Binny was very knowledgeable with mountain routes and Gulab was amazing with his cooking skills and kept dishing out excellent hot food all throughout our stay. I couldn’t believe the variety that he cooked – including freshly made hot Gajar Halwa at 9000 Ft ! On our day of return as it happens in mountain, weather suddenly changed and we had a heavy snowfall of about 2+ft in just 2/3 hours. Binny and Gulab held my hand and helped me through this massive snow fall. I felt absolutely safe in their hands and had a safe trek back. I found your site on internet and wasn’t sure if I could rely on you - but from the very first call that I made to you, I found you to be absolutely honest and genuine – your personalized involvement / advice and recommendations made this an extremely memorable trip. I am so glad that I planned this trekking trip with you. I am coming back for more trekking with you soon ! Best, Ketan Desai (Ketan.Desai@genmills.com)
Ketan Desai

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