Himachal is a land most famous for its scenic beauty and aesthetic value. There are scores of stunningly enticing locations around the state that present visitors with an opportunity to spend quality time with nature and with themselves. For those who are aesthetically inclined, there are various holy spots and solitary sites for meditation and spirituality. But for an adventure aficionado, above all this, there are a lot of opportunities for exploration. The stiff mountains, the verdurous valleys and the winding country side make for a great outing and days worth trekking in the splendid weather.

Trekking places in Himachal are found aplenty. There are towering mountain ranges that form excellent trekking locations. The Dhauladhar range and the Pir Panjal range hold some of the most known trekking places in Himachal. Apart from these, there are trekking routes strewn all over the Kullu and Shimla regions, parts of Lahaul and Spiti and Kinnaur.

Scores of trails of varying degree of difficulty and splendor attract lots of trekking enthusiasts from across the globe every year. Nature has made Himachal into a veritable cornucopia of geographical diversity. Owing to this fact, there are a lot of natural treks in addition to the man-made ones that offer trekkers with conditions of varying complexity and hardships.

Usually, trekking is conducted in well-organized groups of people and the duration is set to accommodate trekkers of different strengths and endurance levels. Different environments like precipitous mountains, deep running valleys, thick-set of all kinds of tress and trying conditions usually define the trekking places in Himachal.

Some of the most sought after trekking routes in Himachal are Pin Parvati pass from the Parvati Valley to the Pin valley in Spiti, Chandrataal Trek in the bone-dry Spiti, Kinnaur Kailash trek through the Charang La pass in Kinnaur district, Manimahesh trek in the Chamba district that leads to the beautiful and imposing Kailash range, Bhabha pass trek that passes through the Bhabha pass and into Spiti through an assortment of forests and valleys and encircling the grand mountain range on its way, the Triund Glacier trek in the Dhauladhar range which is a fairly trying stretch of land and many more.

These trekking routes pass through some of the most captivating and treacherous locales making the adventure grow manifold. However, one has to be exceedingly careful about the level of physical fitness required and the duration of the trek because some of the high altitude trekking places in Himachal can be extremely taxing and people may suffer from acute stress.

Keeping all the necessary guidelines in mind, trekking in Himachal can be vastly adventurous and a lifetime experience in the wonderland that is Himachal.


Source by Shivee Sirmauri