I was in first year of college in Delhi when I got a call from my sister to go in for a holiday trip for 7 days to Dharamshalla, Himachal Pradesh . Without giving it a second thought we packed our bags not knowing what to carry all we had in mind was holidays in Dharamshalla. A spontaneous yet less planned to Bhagsu was executed once we hit the road with nearly Rs 10000 for four of us when we reached ISBT to catch the bus. With some research and bag full of excitement we set out to explore the mystical land of Himachal where we had never been before. We stayed at our relatives home at Dharamshalla and traveled around in local buses, interacted with local people had local street food.
The desire to see the mountains from the beautiful moments of childhood was completed. The panoramic view of verdant valleys, gushing rivers, snow clad mountains left us spell bound.
There are some experiences in this life that can give us some insight into the joys of heaven. One in particular happened few years back when I first traveled to Bhagsu and since then I have been coming back again and again year after year. To be continued

Water fall Bhagsu
   En route to Dharamshalla
Home Stay @ Dharamshalla

Its truly said its paradise on earth 


Hey I am back again to tell you more about Bhagsu
The amazing views up there were irresistible which made me come back to Bhagsu year after year. The bonding with the local people became so strong that I felt Bhagsu was my second home. There was a time when I had made up mind to settle permanently there in Bhagsu but due to my job in Electronic media I could not afford to and more over I didn’t get that opportunity to settle in Bhagsu.
I also came back and did a travel show in Dharamshalla for National Television . Every year it was different experience if one year it was staying at local area and learning new things like yoga and meditation or even playing the wooden instrument called Didgeridoo the other year it was Trance party at Shiva cafe. The party went on till wee hours and the experience was mind blowing something that we had never thought of or imagined. Then there were side trips to near by places like Dalai lama templewaterfallChamuda devi , Kangra deviBir, Palampur. I think I almost covered all the tourist places in my second trip to Bhagsu and after that when ever I came back I stayed either in Bhagsu or Dharamkot also known as Little Israel. Dharamkot is called a little hippie village of Himalayas, this yoga village is famous and ideal for few days time off from the real world. The best about the place is its vibe which is a mix of some of magic, pure spiritual energy of Himalayas, happiness of people who live there, peace and serenity and the feeling of oneness with the nature. The sound of whistling birds, the whistling of air through deodar tree leaves, the distant smell of farm animals will awaken all your senses. It is a good spot for early morning yoga and meditation. The best thing about Dharamkot is you get cuisines from all parts of the world. So if you are foodie like me then Dharamkot is the place to stay.

Outside Dalai lama Monastery
Chamunda Devi
Home stay @ Dharamshalla
German Bakery @ Bhagsu
Pizza @ Unity House Upper Bhagsu