Since 2005, we’ve helped more than 500,000 people of all ages enjoy the best outdoor experience of their lives. Whether it’s for one day or a two-week vacation, in the Himalayas.

Manu Adventures India is a well known travel company in Dharamsala. Professionally owned and is a well managed young team offering expert Trekking, Adventure activities, Holiday tours, Jeep safaris, Paragliding in the beautiful & scenic hills of North India.

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India is home to the highest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas, but this is not all. There are several trekking trails through hills, valleys, and tropical rainforests. With varying difficulty levels and terrains, these treks are sure to provide you with the much-needed thrill.

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Private day hiking tours are perfect for those clients who are looking for a taste of trekking in Nepal, but lack the fitness, interest, or time for a longer trek.

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The experience of trekking in the Himalayas is an experience that tends to become an essential part of your memory, ornamented with all the joyful moments you spend cherishing the beauty of nature and embracing the thrill of adventure in picture-perfect landscapes.

High Altitude Lakes

The Himalayas are home to some the highest of lakes of India, many of which are not even discovered. High altitudes do take a lot of effort to reach and explore, but the sight of these majestic high altitude lakes in India nestled between the snow covered mountains is a surreal sight that one has to experience to believe.

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Nature can be the best medicine. Study after study has shown that it’s simply better for us to be surrounded by wildflowers and trees than by computers and stressed-out coworkers.

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